Almašani | Europa Nostra ENtopia project
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Europa Nostra ENtopia project

About This Project

Europa Nostra Serbia nominates three locations in Serbia which fulfill the parameters of
ENtopia program, where local activists expressed strong desire to participate it. They are all
diverse in their character and have their specific image, importance and problems.
The first area is Almaški kraj (Almaš suburbs) within the City of Novi Sad. It is semi urban/
semi rural neighborhood, with irregular street grid, single houses with gardens, protected
as urban heritage zone. This is not small independent urban settlement, but small and very
specific part of the city centre, surrounded by the modern structures, which resists the aggressive
influences from outside, by the strong civil activism of local inhabitants, organized
and united with the idea to preserve their environment. The NGO Almašani manifested
the strong desire to introduce their living area to the ENtopia program and actively participate
it together with local community unit.